Equality for America: Women’s March on Washington



The history of women’s rights dates back to as far as the mid 1800’s. The first major women’s movement happened in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York. This movement was drafted by a lady named by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Ms. Stanton and many more women did not feel appreciated by the government, education system, employment opportunities nor their own husbands. This was the first time that women had even demanded the right to vote. In May 1869, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and another women’s activist, Susan B. Anthony, formed the National Women’s Suffrage Association. This group of women and a few men also, set to achieve equal rights and voting for women by means of the Constitution and Amendments. You can see that women, and men, were very serious about everybody having equal rights as human beings, as we should. This movement was so strong and powerful back then that it got a lot of attention from surrounding areas. Today in our time is no exception. The women’s suffrage movement has only grown stronger.



Yes, women do have the right to vote now but there is still certain things that people feel is not for women. They would never just come out and say this, but there will always be that silent bias that some men have towards women. Even today, right now, January 2017, women are still going strong and standing for what they believe in. On January 21, 2017, there was one of the biggest women marches in the history of the women suffragists movement. This march happened in Washington, DC on Pennsylvania Avenue. This time, the women were not only standing up for marriage, equal pay, equal education opportunities but also for equal treatment of women from the now 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. Not only were just hundreds of thousand civilian women and men marching for equality but also many celebrities. The list would include Alicia Keys, Madonna, and even Janelle Monae. That goes to show how much attention and widespread media this got from the whole world. The march was not only limited to Washington, DC either. Other marches also took place in Atlanta, GA., Los Angeles, and even Chicago. There were over one million women and men marching and protesting the president over the whole nation.

These women and men are protesting our president, Donald J. Trump, the day after his inauguration as president of the United States. People feel that he does not have the respect for women or the common people in general and that he does not deserve to be POTUS. One protester says “Without any doubt, this Women’s March — with all of its excitement, its inspiration, its glory — has given millions of women and men fresh hope that their dreams of an inclusive, compassionate America can be protected and flourish. Now the really hard work begins.”. I feel that this specific march and the many that came before it such as the 1963 March on Washington will make a mark in history. It is going to show that no matter how long it takes to get where you want to be, do not stop trying. It is going to tell the younger ladies and men in generations to come to not stop fighting, fighting until you can’t anymore because it is all going to be worth it in the end.

I feel that these marches were most definitely necessary to show that we are all human beings and no one, no certain races, no male or female should be treated any different from anyone else. This has been going on in our country for as long as I can remember. It should not be this way under any circumstance. However, there will always and forever be those people who will feel that no one person is equal to them. There will always be people who feel that because of their skin tone and race, that they are not as good as other races or people. No one should feel that way in the “United” States of America. It’s just not right in my opinion and I think many other people would agree with that. I understand that changes will not happen over night, but the march was a start in the right direction that could potentially lead to a bigger movement.








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